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- Considering that it is necessary to continuously present and represent on international forums, and in other countries of the world the common will for Szeklerland's autonomy expressed by the Szekler people;

- Taking into account the fact, that the people of Szeklerland, as citizens of the European Union, have the right to establish contact with other people of the European Union, their socio-political organizations and institutions, without limitations;
- Considering that article 11, section 3 of the law 215/2001 on local administration states, that within the limits of their decision taking and executive competences, territorial-administrative units have the right to cooperate and associate with foreign territorial-administrative units, based on decisions of local and county councils;
- Taking into account, that in the years following the change of regime, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not represent Szeklerland's regional interests on international level, and the DAHR, despite their presence in the government, had no effect on Romania external affairs;
- Considering that - due to the absence of external partners - not a single one of Szeklerland's municipalities took the opportunities provided by the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation since it's creation by the EU in 2006, and as of now, no such plans exist;
- Considering that the Parliament of Romania has rejected for the second time Szeklerland's autonomy statute, which would regulate in law, the division of competences between the region's democratically formed public institutions and the central authorities;


The Szekler National Council decides

1. It initiates the establishing of Szeklerland's Foreign Affaires Service, with the following objectives:
- To continuously present and represent the common will for Szeklerland's territorial autonomy, as well as Szeklerland's regional interests on international forums, and in other countries of the world;
- To maintain permanent relations with regions and communities in situation similar to Szeklerland's, in the name of solidarity and cooperation;
- To help develop Szeklerland's municipalities connections with municipalities abroad;
- To provide institutional background for the international businesses of Szeklerland's entrepreneurs, and to move forward Szeklerland's international economical relations;
- To move forward the spreading of Szeklerland's culture and traditions in the world, through the development of international interinstitutional relations.
2. Szeklerland's Foreign Affairs Service is created as a non profit organization having no legal personality, with the help of Szeklerland's local governments and Hungarian organizations supporting the objective.
3. The supervision of Szeklerland's Foreign Affairs Service, and the development of it's operating policy is up to the Standing Committee of the Szekler National Council, which will develop the action program along with Szeklerland's local governments and other Szekler organizations.
4. The head of Szeklerland's Foreign Affaires Service will be appointed by the Standing Committee of the Szekler National Council, on the proposal of the president of the Council.

Marosvásárhely-Tg-Mures, the 30th of November 2012.


The Szekler National Council

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