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The Szekler National Council, having regard to the fact that:

The Szekler National Council was founded, as a dignified response to the challenges of the times, on 19 November 1918 with the aim of protecting the interests of the Hungarian nation and Hungary, and following its formation it never declared its cessation or dissolution,
The Szekler National Council, formed over ninety years ago, handed down a moral, political and intellectual legacy to posterity that must be cultivated and passed on by today’s generations,
The Szekler National Council, formed in 2003 of the will of the communities of Szekler villages and towns, wishes to embrace Szekler autonomy aspirations in accordance with the challenges of this day, the realisation of which through the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland, is in the interest of the Hungarian nation as a whole and should therefore be considered a national priority,
We are of the belief that the Resolution of the Grand Szekler Assembly held at Marosvásárhely over half a century ago is eternally true: “If we proclaim ourselves to be Szeklers, or if somebody calls us that, we only emphasise the moral, national and ethnic meaning that the holy name ‘Magyar’ means to us.”
hereby resolves

1. It is declared that there exists historical continuity between the Szekler National Council formed on 19 November 1918 in Budapest and the Szekler National Council formed of the will of the communities of Szekler villages and towns on 26 October 2003 in Sepsiszentgyörgy,
2. The Szekler National Council considers 19 November 1918 as its date of foundation, and university professor Dr. Benedek Jancsó, members of Parliament Dénes Sebes and Dr. Nándor Urmánczy as its founding members, with Gábor Ugron as its founding president, and shall commemorate each year the date of foundation as the celebration of the Szekler people.
Szekler National Council

Budapest, 19 November 2010

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