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The Szekler National Council, taking into account Recommendations nr. 1201/1993, nr.1334/2003, nr. 1811/2007 and the Resolution nr 508/1996 adopted by the Assembly of the Council of Europe, the provisions of the framework agreement concerning the protection of the national minorities and the Charter of Regional Autonomy in Europe,

Considers that,


- According to the commitments undertaken by Romania by the time of its admission as a member state of the Council of Europe, Romania admits the recommendations of the Council as being mandatory and consequently will fulfil them entirely;

- According to Resolution nr. 508/1995 of the Assembly of the Council of Europe, which reinforced the principle that new member countries joining the Council of Europe after May 1989, namely after the adoption of the resolution nr. 917, are obliged to fulfil also their unilateral commitments;

- The Assessment report nr. 176/1993 of the Assembly of the Council of Europe evaluating the accession of Romania to the Council (article nr.5) appreciates the declaration of the Romanian authorities, according to which Romania will establish its policies in the field of protection of the national minorities, based on the principles laid down in Recommendation nr. 1201/1993 of the Council!

- The Romanian Parliament by rejecting the bill concerning the establishment of territorial autonomy for Szeklerland, used Recommendation nr. 1201/1993 of the Council of Europe as an argument against it, hereby perverting its spirit and content;

- The Romanian authorities are using the resolutions regarding the protection of national minorities adopted by the Council of Europe, exactly against these minorities;


The Szekler National Council calls upon the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to:


- Appoint a reporter for taking a survey on the general situation of the autochthonous, Szekler national community of Hungarian national self-identity which inhabits Szeklerland and for examining the demand for autonomy declared by this community;

- Following this the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe should adopt a favourable resolution concerning the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland;

- Formulate a strong recommendation for Romania, calling it to treat the referendum-based will of Szeklerland’s people accordingly;

- Remind the Romanian authorities that they must honour their obligations, otherwise they will have to face the application of resolution nr. 508.


Our conviction is that the Council of Europe is capable of supporting effectively the endeavours based on and holding out on the values of the rule of law and democracy, hereby underpinning the European security and stability.


The Szekler National Council

Sepsiszentgyörgy/ Sfântu-Gheorghe the 23rd of February, 2008

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