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Being aware that the autonomy of the Szeklerland doesn't offend Romania's territorial integrity and national sovereignty,

Understanding that the regional self-governing is in principle of the right to self- determination of subsidiarity and self-administration of communities in the state,

Professing that as our historical characteristic, the autonomy of Szeklerland became generally accepted and was embodied by the Szekler regions' authority and organization,

Reminding that there is a reference to the Szekler regions' autonomy in the written documents of the year 1200,

Being aware that the solutions applied in the European constitutional states justify the applicability and viability of the regions' territorial autonomy, of those regions whos civilians and their community have the numerical majority are in need of protection to preserve their national self-identification,

As present civilians of the Sekler regions and inhabitants of the Szeklerland we declare our wish for the Szekler regions self-administration, the Szeklerland autonomy and the Szeklerland Autonomy Statute's legal approval.

We are convinced that the Szeklerland Autonomy, the recognition of the additional authority that serves the protection of the Hungarian national community's living in the self-governing regions, the delegation of these authorities and competences to the self-governing regions and its authority guarantees the real and total equality among the civilians.

October 26, 2003.

The Szekler National Council

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