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Today, on the 10th of March 2014, Szeklers who have gathered at the Postarét in Marosvásárhely, at the Monument of the Szekler Martyrs, with the representatives of the Hungarian communities expressing their solidarity, walking on the road of law and democracy, we hereby unanimously express our will: We demand the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland! Today, all those who have understood the message of the Day of the Szekler Freedom, do likewise all around the globe. In the past years we have made it clear that for today’s Szeklers this occasion is not only about common reminiscence, but also about togetherness, and about the claiming of rights: about the conscious and conjoined action for the sake of national self-determination.

Since our rightful demands have not yet been heard by any of the Romanian governments, we have to note again:

Romania does not respect her international commitments, thus including the implementation of Recommendation 1201/1993 of the Council of Europe.

Romania does not respect her obligations stipulated in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages; but also neglects the recommendations of the EU relating to the establishment of the territorial units for statistics.

More graver, Romania neglects the democratically expressed will of her own citizens.

In addition to this, referring to forgery arguments, and using illegal tools the authorities are restraining the freedom of speech and assembly, violating the constitutional rights of the citizens.

The territorial autonomy of Szeklerland denotes the right and the ability of the largest territorial authorities within each State, having elected bodies, being administratively placed between central government and local authorities and enjoying prerogatives either of self-organization or of a type normally associated with the central authority, to manage, on their own responsibility and in the interests of their populations, a substantial share of public affairs, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity

Bearing this in mind we state: we want dialogue and cooperation concerning the arrangement of the legal status of Szeklerland, which can only be based on the free will of the local communities, as well as the solidarity between citizens and constructive cooperation. We hope that the new government will exhibit greater openness regarding this initiative, and that a dialogue concerning the future of Szeklerland will soon commence between the government and the representatives of Szeklerland.

We again highlight: the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland does not violate the territorial integrity, and the sovereignity of Romania. It does not violate the interest of the citizens of Szeklerland – whether or not they are romanians or other – nor the constitution of Romania.

In the spirit of these:

We demand Szeklerland should form one NUTS region!

We demand Szeklerland should form one administrative unite!

We demand the guaranteeing of the autonomy of Szeklerland through legislation!

We protest against the administrative reform that violates the interest-, and jeopardizes the existence of the Szekler people!

We protest against the violation of our constitutional rights!

We demand from the Romanian authorities to immediately cease the persecution of the Szekler symbols, and of the persons and institutions using these symbols!

We demand from the Romanian government to start a dialogue on the status of Szeklerland with the legitimate representatives of the Szekler people, the Szekler National Council, and the Szekler Municipalities!

We demand full and effective freedom and equality for all the citizens of Szeklerland! Autonomy for Szeklerland, freedom for the Szekler People!


Marosvásárhely/Tirgu-Mures, the 10th of March 2014

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