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Today, on the 27th of October 2013, Szeklers who have gathered between Bereck and Kökös, with the support of Hungarians of Transylvania and the Carpathian-Basin expressing their solidarity, being aware of the supporting manifestations of the Hungarian communities all around the globe, hereby strengthen their historical claim expressed on the Szekler National Assembly in Gyergyóditró: they would like to implement the right to self-determination, and according to this right they demand the self-governance of Szeklerland within the host country!

They demand the prevalence of European norms within Romania, and to experience their self-determination through the autonomy of Szeklerland, similarly to other autonomous communities of Europe.

They adhere to temporary borders of Szeklerland, settled by the Szekler National Assembly in Gyergyóditró, consisting of 8 Szekler Seats and 153 municipalities, and they demand these borders to be finalized through local referendums.

Szeklerland is a common home to all its citizens irrespective of their national, ethnic, linguistic origins, thus the self-governance within the state, the territorial autonomy will mean the institutional guarantee of full and effective legal equality for all the citizens of Szeklerland.
Self-governance within the state means exercising power on a regional level, through a democratically elected decision-making body which possesses widespread autonomy in the democratic implementation of its competences, and at the same time disposes over the tools necessary for the fulfillment of its tasks.

On the 10th of March, this year, On the Day of Szekler Freedom, Szeklers who have gathered on the Postarét in Marosvásárhely turned to the government of Romania with a petition, in which they demanded that Szeklerland, which possesses historical, geographical, political, cultural and economic characteristics, should form a separate development region. They demanded that Szeklerland should form a separate administrative unit. They demanded the assurance of Szeklerlands autonomy through legislation! They demanded that a dialogue with the legitimate leaders of the Szekler people, the Szekler National Council and the Szekler Municipalities, should commence!
After eight months we still haven’t received an answer to this petition!

We turn to the general public of the world to say: we still believe that dialogue is the base of social rest, and Szeklers demand peace and dialogue. In front of the general public of the world we repeatedly ask Romania not to neglect the will of seven hundred thousand of her citizens, whom are also citizens of the European Union! We would like to call the attention of the government, however, that looking down upon the dialogue, neglecting the will of the Szekler people, the constant persecution of Szekler symbols will neither break, nor weaken the Szekler autonomy aspirations. From this day on either a substantive dialogue commences with Szekler representatives on the will of the Szekler people and on the future of Szeklerland, or the demonstrations will be multiplied and strengthened including civil disobedience.

We ask the Hungarian government to ask the government of Romania to respect the Fundamental Treaty contracted between the two countries, with special regards to Article 15/9. We Szeklers have a fundamental interest to see, that Hungary and Romania have good relations in the spirit of peaceful and constructive cooperation and the common constitutional heritage of the member states of the European Union.

Kökös, Uzon, Szentivánlaborfalva, Réty, Eresztevény, Maksa, Dálnok, Csernáton, Ikafalva, Kézdivásárhely, Nyújtód, Lemhény, Bereck, the 27th of October 2013


Izsák Balázs
President of the Szekler National Council

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