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Honored Governor!

I was very pleased to meet You personally at Tusnádfürdõ, and to have the chance to express my respect and sympathy towards the Gagauzian people. We have always paid close attention to the fate of Your people, and have always been interested in the legal acts, which together, form the Gagauzian autonomy within the Republic of Moldova. I find it important, that You personally confirmed what You previously told the BBC, that should the Republic of Moldova lose it's sovereignty, You would choose Gagauzia's independence, rather than falling under Bucharest's jurisdiction. I would like to publicly express, that I fully agree with You and support this decision, and I am sure that the majority of the Szekler people is thinking the same way. The reason for this is that even though there are roughly six hundred thousand Szeklers, and we form a 75% majority in our birthplace, a 13.500 km2 area called Szeklerland, Bucharest refuses even to talk with us about getting at least the kind of autonomy that you have. Even more, the government of Romania is currently preparing to further restrict the rights to decision we still have, by forcing us into an administrative region where the Szekler-Hungarian community would form only 30% of the population. This year's March we organized a protest against this decision at Marosvásárhely, the capital town of Szeklerland, and petitioned the Romanian government to desist from it, and to start a dialogue with the representatives of the Szekler community. There has been no response to that petition till now. In such a country Your people would not only lose the rights it has now, but its very existence would be threatened as well.
If the leaders of Romania were really democrats, one of the first questions they should raise when contemplating a possible merger with the Republic of Moldova would be to offer institutional guarantees to the minorities of both countries, because of the disadvantages cased by the reduction of their proportion within the population and thus, their capacity to protect their own interests. Unfortunately, this thought didn't even occur to them! Under such circumstances, we also need to revise and restate our goals, as those were originally drafted in the current Romania, not in that expanded through merging with another country. Our community itself has to decide whether it accepts the idea that its actual proportion of over 6% would decrease below 5%, and if so, under what kind of institutional and legal guarantees.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite You to visit Szeklerland, as guest of the Szekler National Council. Let us work together in the future for the benefit of our peoples, and in the interest of deepening democracy in this region.

With sincere appreciation
Izsák Balázs,
president of the Szekler National Council

Marosvásárhely, July the 31st, 2013

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