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Dear Mr. Minister,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding some orders taken by insititutions which are under the control of the Ministry directed by you, and which – in lack of legal background – obviously could be considered an abuse of authority.

At the beginning of this year, on January 28, Mr. Vass Imre, the vice-mayor of Makkfalva /Ghindari/, together with five members of the municipal council /all of them members of the Szekler National Council/ were summonded to the Police Department, because they hoisted the szekler flag on the parish hall. At the Police Department they were interrogated, and they were forced to write declarations. The same procedure was applied in he case of Mr. Tóth Ferenc, resident in Szováta /Sovata/, this time because he hoisted the szekler flag on the Mayor’s House in Szováta.

The szekler flag is the symbol of the Szekler people, which has been hoisted on many mayor’s houses, and on lots of official buildings. The fact that official proceedings were initiated only in two cases, proves that the police was aware that their instructions had no legal background, and their real intention was just to frighten people.

Some representatives of the Anti- Crime and Terrorism Directorate during an investigating on May 19, in Maroshévíz /Topliţa/, interrogated Mr. Czirják Károly, delegate of the Szekler National Council, and other three local residents, foundation members of the Urmánczy Nándor Association. On June 4, Mr. Boros Géza, the vice-president of the Szekler National Council, together with other two foundation members of the above mentioned Association in Csomafalva /Ciumani/ has also been interrogated.

Dear Mr. Minister,

The Szekler National Council is the common, public representation of the autonomy aspiration of the Szekler people. In their draft-law regarding the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland presented to the Romanian Parliament they described in detail the institutions of an autonomous administrative region, its functions and the constitutional basis of all this. According to the first line of the 61-th paragraph of the Romanian constitution, only the Romanian Parliament has the right to decide in the matter of the autonomy. All attempt to influence a political option included in a draft-law is an unwarrantable interference in the law making process and political life. In consequence the above mentioned actions of the police and other similar institutions go against the rule of law, the governments of law.

Otherwise the employees of the Ministry of Administration and Interior would have no right to make pressure on us to change our political opinions even if we had the goal to change the constitution or our political wiews were not codified in draft-laws. Anyway our political opinion on the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland were confirmed unequivocally in the 2008 referendum.

The above mentioned abuses are warning the Romanian society that it is our common responsibility not to allow such a situation when the police and similar institutions could used as instrument of a political repression as they were during the dictatorship. We are confident that You, as Minister of Administration and Interior will use all legal instruments and your competency to investigate all cases mentioned in this letter, to impeach the responsible people and to take measures that similar and regrettable cases not happen again in the future.

Marosvásárhely – Târgu Mureş


Izsák Balázs
President of the Szekler National Council

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