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  • Székely Nemzeti Tanács

So speak and so do as those

who will be judged by the law

of liberty (James 2:12)

Given that Romania still didn’t abandon her plan to assimilate Szeklerland into a region of Romanian majority, or to divide it up;


Considering how our desire for Szeklerland’s autonomy, expressed on many occasions and in numerous forms, has been ignored for many years, and our attempts to initiate dialogue have been left unanswered;


Upholding the resolution of the Szekler Municipal Gathering, according to which: „Szeklerland cannot be divided, nor can it be assimilated. It can only exist within her own historical boundaries, that were naturally created throughout the history, as a separate autonomous administrative unit, conferred with special competencies, which unit must also constitute a separate development region”;


Today, on October 30, the Szeklers gathered on Szeklerland’s settlements, along with the Hungarians from Transylvania, the Carpathian Basin and the rest of the world who show solidarity towards them, have illuminated Szeklerland with thousands of beacons, torches and candles, following our ancient traditions. This is how we intend to let the Romanian government, but also the rest of the world know that Szeklerland exists. This is how we intend to once again confirm our historical needs, as affirmed at the Szekler National Assembly in Gyergyóditró: we wish to exercise our right to self-determination, and based on this right, we require Szeklerland’s self-governance within the state. We insist on the borders of Szeklerland, its eight seats and 149 municipalities which will be finalised through referendum by the local communities. We demand the implementation of European norms in the case of Szeklerland so that we can experience self-determination through autonomy, just like other autonomous communities in Europe do.


Autonomy for Szeklerland, Freedom for the Szekler peoples.


In the name of the communities gathered at Szeklerland’s settlements


Izsák Balázs


President of the Szekler National Council


Szeklerland, 30. October, 2016.

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