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Given that the indictment formulated against Beke István Attila and Szőcs Zoltán by the Romanian investigative authorities contains many findings that have nothing to do with the facts described in the indictment, nor with the possible crimes attributed to the suspects by the authorities, nor with the presented evidence, the Standing Committee of the Szekler National Council has examined the indictment, paying particular attention to fragments referring to the Szekler National Council, the Szekler autonomy movement, Hungary and the Hungarian people as a whole. As a starting point, the Standing Committee made it clear that they condemn all acts of violence or threats of violence, and reaffirmed, that they desire to achieve Szeklerland’s autonomy following the path of democracy, through constitutional and democratic means, as they have been doing for over ten years now. The Standing Committee also stated the following:

            the indictment uses the methods of show trials, going as far as to outright falsifying evidence, and shows a strong tendency to pursue a political agenda, in order to indict the Szekler community as a whole, as well as the autonomy movement, not to mention incite hatred in the Romanian majority population against the Hungarian community and their goals.

The authors of the indictment make the following remark: „As you will soon see, while they tell the Romanian authorities and towards people of Romanian ethnicity, that by Szekler autonomy, they mean a regional administrative autonomy, but the message towards Hungarians regarding the same subject, as expressed in the speech of the president of the Szekler National Council on January 6, 2012 are: ’In the language of the 21st century Europe, this is what autonomy means: national, independent, free and legal status. Let these words be our motto in our fight for autonomy’.”

In contrast with this hypocritical accusation of double-talk, the statement released with the initials of the president of the Szekler National Council, on January 6 2012, accessible on the official website of the Szekler National Council, as well as a variety of other public sources, which the Romanian thought police quoted out of context goes as follows:

„Together, let’s make the tenth of March, the  remembrance day of the Szekler Martyrs, the Day of Szekler Freedom. The monument at the Postarét in Marosvásárhely has long been, in the words of Jókai Mór, the symbol of a ’legal, free and independent, national status’. The Szekler National Council has pursued the goal of Szeklerland’s autonomy, which in the language of the 21st century means the legal, free and independent, national status. Let us make these six words, the words of Jókai Mór, the slogan of our struggles of autonomy.”

Note that the indictment uses quotation marks, but omits all references to the renowned writer Jókai Mór, as the authorities found that only the mutilated, out-of-context quote is suitable to form the foundation of their accusations of double-talk.

In the following, the compiler of the indictment shows even more obvious signs of being out of touch with reality, describing the autonomy movement as extremist, irredentist, xenophobic, and implying that it seeks to achieve autonomy through violence.

The theory of show trials gives an accurate description of the tell-tale signs that give away the authorities’ hidden agenda, independent of the object of the procedure. The intentional inaccuracies and the political agenda of the indictment would merit an extensive study. Not only did the prosecutor, who compiled the indictment, decide to abandon all semblance of legal professionalism, impartiality and fairness, but he followed the most primitive practices of Visinskij’s political show trials instead, in pursuit of a socio-political agenda, that is harmful, and outright poisonous to the whole Romanian society.

One of their goals is the discouragement of the Szekler autonomy movement. The other is its stigmatisation in the eyes of the Romanian public, in order to sabotage the slow and spontaneous convergence between Romanian and Hungarian people which becomes obvious to anyone who follows the internet, and which resulted in more and more of our Romanian compatriots sympathising with our cause.

The Standing Committee of the Szekler National Council expects a more European attitude from the Romanian authorities, not whatever is observable in the above quoted indictment. We quote article 16 from resolution 1334/2003 of the Council of Europe, to assist the Romanian authorities in their professional and mental development: „With a view to relieving internal tensions, central government must react with understanding when minority groups, particularly when they are sizeable and have lived in an area for a long period of time, demand greater freedom to manage their own affairs independently.”

07-15-2016 Sepsiszentgyörgy                                                                                       Izsák Balázs


In the name of the Szekler National Council’s Standing Committee

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