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The Szekler National Council calls all Hungarian communities of the world to a solidarity demonstration on March 10, 2016, the Day of Szekler Freedom. This year too, we ask them to gather in front of the Romanian embassies, preferably at the same time with the demonstration at Marosvásárhely, to express their support of Szeklerland’s demand for autonomy and protest against the abuses committed by the Romanian authorities.

We always considered it important for our messages to reach other peoples, as well as the governing officials of other countries, so that they remain up to date on the situations and the aspirations of the Szeklers. Informing the governing officials is particularly important, as many western Chancelleries are only familiar with the Romanian propaganda, which claims that our situation here is resolved in an exemplary manner. While this has never been true before, the situation has gotten worse in the past years.

It has gotten worse, because due to recent crises (such as the migrant crisis, Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Syrian civil war), the politicians of the world are more focused on safety policies, and less on the protection of fundamental democratic values. Taking advantage of these factors, the Romanian authorities have increased their anti-Hungarian actions.

We must call attention to the fact that Romania is violating their international commitments. Their violating them in regards to linguistic rights, as they keep limiting even the few acknowledged rights, and the Hungarian language is being forced more and more on the periphery. The persecution of Szekler symbols and Hungarian language signs continues, as well as the harassment of Hungarian public figures by the authorities. The threat of the new administrative reform that would affect the Szeklers in a negative way still looms above us.

The Romanian officials not only refuse to acknowledge the people’s need for autonomy as expressed in a referendum, but now they have begun criminalizing it as well. The public safety strategy of ministry of internal affairs, for the years 2015-2020 has defined the autonomy aspirations as a “criminal phenomena”, which “presents a constant threat to the wellbeing and safety of the citizens”. According to the document, the need for territorial autonomy is a racist, extremist and xenophobic manifestation. Although these words were later removed from the document due to external pressure, they’re still applied in the everyday practices of the authorities.

The world will not pay attention to our protests, unless we repeatedly call attention to these abuses and anti-democratic actions of the authorities, and we constantly inform the international organizations and the governments of the world.

Taking all of these into account, we ask the Hungarians of the world to help us, so that we can make more people understand: We will not let Szeklerland to be either divided, or assimilated. To this end, we will march to the streets on the Day of Szekler Freedom at Marosvásárhely, But let the Szekler flags be raised on the streets of Vienna, Budapest, Bruxelles, Cleveland, the Hague, Helsinki, Istambul, London, Los Angeles, München, New York, Ottawa, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toronto and Zürich as well.

Autonomy for Szeklerland, Freedom for the Szekler peoples.

Marosvásárhely, 3 February, 2016.

Izsák Balázs, president of the Szekler National Council.

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