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It is well known, that the Romanian authorities intend to use the administrative reorganization of the country as a pretext to include Szeklerland in a large region where the Szekler people will not be able to make use even of the linguistic rights they have these days. Whoever dares to protest in public against these plans is considered an enemy of the country and has to face various problems, beginning with the non-application of favorable laws and ending with systematic harassment of various state authorities.

As we informed some days ago, the Szekler National Council organized the lighting of the borders of Szeklerland, in order to express that the Szekler people demand this region to be one of the administrative regions of the country. Just four days after, officers of the Department of Fraud Prevention of the Tax and Finance Authority audited the associations implied in the lightning of the borders of Szeklerlan, the Siculitas Association and the Sepsireform Association. These were the associations which represented before the authorities (mayors, police, gendarmerie) the organizers.

The inspectors fined the Siculitas Association, based on the provisions of Law no. 656/2002 (the law about money laundering), because it missed to report to the Authority against Money Laundering a subsidy received in a legal and transparent way (through bank transfer) from Hungary.

We consider that this is an act of harassment and protest against it firmly. At the same time we want to draw the attention of the international community to these actions and to ask the relevant organizations (like the Council of Europe, UN, OSCE) to call on the Romanian authorities to end these kind of intimidating actions.

Marosvásárhely – Sepsiszentgyörgy, the 29th of October 2015

Izsák Balázs
the president of the Szekler National Counci

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