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  • Székelyföldért megmozgatjuk Európát - Polgári kezdeményezés a nemzeti régiókért
  • Székelyföldért megmozgatjuk Európát - Polgári kezdeményezés a nemzeti régiókért

Last year, on the 10th of March more than 30.000 szekler people gathered at the monument of the szekler martyrs to manifest in a peaceful way, to express their support for the autonomy of Szeklerland and to call the government to begin dialogue about that.

After a year, the Romanian government is still avoiding the dialogue. That is why the Szekler National Council intends to organize this year also not only a commemoration, but also a march of protest against the ignorance of the government. And although last year there were no incidents, this year the major of Marosvásárhely/Tg-Mures forbade the march. The Szekler National Council complained in the court of justice against this illegal decision, and we hope, that in an end justice will be made.

25 years had passed since 1989, but it seems, that the bad habits of the authorities are still the same, they are ready to violate the freedom of assembly and the freedom of expression.

The Szekler National Council intends to reach its goal, the autonomy of Szeklerland in a democratic, peaceful way, but we cannot accept any kind of restriction of basic human rights.


Balázs Izsák,

President of the Szekler National Council


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