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  • Székelyföldért megmozgatjuk Európát - Polgári kezdeményezés a nemzeti régiókért
  • Székelyföldért megmozgatjuk Európát - Polgári kezdeményezés a nemzeti régiókért

Seeing the project of Romania’s administrative reform, which is hostile towards the Szekler people and violates the country's international commitments, and which aims only to eliminate the Szekler counties, the last remnants of the Szeklers' decision making institutions, the Szekler National Council calls all Szeklers, to a protesting march on the 27th of October, at Háromszék. Let us form the longest protesting march-column of all time, between Bereck and Kökös, Gábor Áron's birthplace, and the site of his death respectively. Let us gather in the designated locations, in Kökös, Uzon, Szentivánlaborfalva, the crossroads near Réty, Eresztevény, Maksa, Dálnok, Csernáton, Kézdivásárhely, Nyújtód, Lemhény and Bereck, so that the 22 march-columns can start moving towards the neighboring village at 12 o’clock, following an ecumenical worship service.

Within an hour, at 1 PM, the 45 km long column will be complete, and equipped with Szekler flags and protesting inscriptions will let the government in Bucharest know, that the Szeklers are opposed to their violent assimilation plan.

We ask first of all the local community of two-hundred thousand people to show the world once again, that Háromszék does not higgle! But let every Hungarian come, from Csík, Gyergyó, Maros and Udvarhely, and from the rest of Transylvania, to show that we are not afraid, and will not flee if the future is at stake.

Also commemorating the tenth anniversary of the forming of the Szekler National Council, let us say it together: we will not let Szeklerland to be divided or assimilated!

We ask the leaders and congregations of the historical Hungarian churches of Transylvania, as well as all Hungarian parties and organizations, to participate with devotion on this protest, as they did in March, on the assembly held in Marosvásárhely/Targu Mures, on the Day of the Szekler Freedom.

We ask Hungarian communities all over the world, to organize at the same time protests in front of the Romanian embassies, and to project on a canvas facing the entrance of the embassy the details of the protest in Háromszék, which will be broadcasted via Internet.

Let the resolution of the Grand Assembly of the Municipalities from Szeklerland be our motto:

“Szeklerland may neither be divided, nor assimilated, and may only exist within it's natural, historically established regional boundaries, as an autonomous administrative unit, and at the same time, a separate NUTS region. In Romania should be applied the principle widely adopted in the European Union, according to which the regions must be acknowledged, not designated.”


Izsák Balázs, president of the Szekler National Council

Marosvásárhely/Targu Mures, the 8th of August 2013


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