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Jens Stoltenberg warned NATO members and the whole world of a new danger: the rapprochement of Moscow and Beijing. According to the Secretary-General, the North Atlantic Organization applies a dual method of approach to Russia: intimidation and dialogue.

Romania was represented at the NATO summit in Brussels by Klaus Iohannis, but an earlier statement by Romanian Foreign Minister Bodgan Aurescu should also be taken into account: that Romania's safety from Russia is guaranteed by its NATO membership.
As citizens of Romania, it would be more reassuring for us if Romania's good foreign relations and diplomatic efforts were what guaranteed peace and safety in this region. We Szeklers cannot forget the moments during the Kosovo conflict, when the Serbian army tried to conceal their armored vehicles in Albanian inhabited settlements, thus turning them into targets of the NATO Air Force.
The Szeklers, as well as the entire Hungarian national community in Romania are interested in preserving peace and stability. In contrast, the Romanian state denies us the right to express our ideas of the future and our expectations towards the public authorities, through decisions made by our elected representatives within an autonomous body.
Without autonomy, we must endure being represented by Klaus Iohannis, the same person who denigrated an entire community with his anti-Hungarian outbursts last April, and day by day we are made aware of the fact that the President of Romania does not care about our national community’s particular specific situation and the particular security-policy related challenges that stem from it.
It is our belief that issuing threats to a sovereign state, which is also an atomic superpower, in an attempt to get them to “see reason”, does not serve the cause of peace and stability. We see a distinct lack of the kind of diplomatic efforts that are essential for peaceful cooperation, and we do not wish to become pawns of superpowers.
Until a diplomatic agreement is reached between the superpowers concerned, the NATO's expansion to the east is a move that threatens the peace, provokes tension, and is unacceptable as far as security-policy is concerned.
We are convinced that stability, and peaceful cooperation between states, is a topic where all citizens have the right and moral duty to speak out, especially the members of communities most affected by the rising Cold War tensions.

Marosvásárhely, June 17, 2021
Izsák Balázs
President of the Szekler National Council

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